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Waterproof Flooring at Universal Carpet & Flooring

For the average homeowner, waterproof flooring might seem like a bold step, and maybe even over dramatic. Won’t water resistant flooring work just as well? The answer to that is “maybe”, and we’ll expound on that a bit further in just a moment.

The fact is, waterproof flooring is an excellent option for any room and gives you the freedom to be completely worry free, especially when you’re not at home. Even a flood won’t leave you facing a complete flooring overhaul, should that catastrophe actually take place.

At Universal Carpet & Floors, we know how important your flooring is to you. Not only is it a major investment, but it’s comforting to come home each day to be greeted by the appeal of a floor you love. We proudly serve the areas of Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, and Huntington Beach. We invite you to visit our Irvine showroom and speak to one of our flooring professionals, who can answer all your questions and show you this amazing floor covering up close and personal.
Waterproof Resistant Flooring in Irvine, CA

Why choose waterproof flooring?

The most common question asked in regards to this flooring is, “Won’t water resistant flooring be good enough?” The answer to that is a resounding, maybe. It really depends on what everyday life looks like at your house.

If there is only you and another adult living in the home, odds are water resistant flooring will be a safe bet. However, if you have young children and pets, or if you have frequent gatherings in your home for friends and family, it might not hold up.

Water resistant flooring works well up to a point. Spills are less likely to soak into your flooring and cleaning them is much easier than some other types of flooring. However, in the event of an accident that goes unnoticed, especially if pipes burst, or if reoccurring spills happen, it will eventually need replacing.

Waterproof flooring, on the other hand, will stand up to just about anything. You’ll never need to worry about any of the factors we just mentioned. Even after a flood, this flooring can simply be taken up, dried thoroughly, and placed right back where it was to begin with. Even the backing of waterproof flooring is made especially to withstand mold and mildew, a common problem when dealing with moisture and humidity in regards to flooring.

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