Universal Carpet & Flooring in Irvine & Huntington Beach CA

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Fast and skillful installation services


Get your floors installed by Universal Carpet & Flooring

If you plan to buy flooring for your home, there are several things that you must consider. By understanding the installation process performed by Universal Carpet & Flooring, you can help the technician install your flooring without any delays.

Before the professional installation process

Before the installation technicians arrive, an estimator will visit your home to measure your floors. Measuring helps the estimator determine how much carpet you must purchase.

After the estimator leaves, the retailer will schedule a day and time for the installation. Typically, the carpet installers will move your furnishings into another room. However, you should move your fragile items, such as your dishes, vases, collectibles, and lamps. In addition, detach all wiring from your stereos and other electronic devices.

Usually, two technicians will be sent to the project location. Most companies do not charge a fee for furniture removal. However, some businesses will charge an additional fee for removal of heavier items. Common bulky items include aquariums, pool tables, and over sized sofas.
Flooring Installation in Irvine & Huntington Beach, CA

Quick guide to installing carpeting

If a room already has carpeting, the technicians will remove it while following specific disposal guidelines. Once the floor is clear, it will be swept or vacuumed to remove any dirt or debris. Next, the floor will be inspected thoroughly. There should be no uneven spots. If there is a specific spot that is not level, the technicians will apply a compound on the floor. After several measurements are made, the technicians will lay the carpeting on the floor. If the carpeting is too long, the excess material will be trimmed with a carpet trimmer.

Maintaining your investment

To protect your new carpeting, place a doormat at your front door. The doormat will collect dirt before it gets on your carpet. Daily vacuuming is very important because the vacuum will collect debris before it drops down to the carpet fibers. Call Universal Carpet & Flooring to set up an appointment today (866) 402-2747.