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Design Consultation

Helping your home be the best it can be


The benefits of hiring a design consultant from Universal Carpet & Flooring

Professional design consultation services are valuable because a consultant can help you save money. To reduce your overall costs, the design consultant you hire from Universal Carpet & Flooring must guide you through the entire design process.

Choose an efficient floor plan

If you are designing a home from scratch, you must consider the floor plan carefully. For example, if you have a bad back, you should not install stairs in your home. Also, if you plan to cook dinners for your family, you should choose a flooring material that doesn’t stain easily. A design consultant can help you select the proper type of flooring that will suit your needs.

When most homeowners review a floor plan, they do not read the dimensions properly. Usually, homeowners think that the spaces will be larger once they are built. Then, on moving day, they don’t have enough space for their furniture. To avoid this problem, all furniture must be measured in advance. By measuring, everything will fit efficiently in the new space. Typically, a design consultant will suggest scratch-free flooring option to protect the floor.
Design Consultation in Irvine, CA

A design consultant offers great flooring recommendations

A design consultant usually recommends wood flooring to families because it handles sunlight and spills resourcefully. However, in areas where foot traffic is low, bamboo or engineered wood is a better option. Engineered products provide beauty and are easy to install. In high-traffic areas, laminate flooring is an ideal choice.

Understanding the design consultation process

Design consultants study the latest color and design treads. By constantly educating themselves, their clients always receive top-notch services. If you hire a consultant, the individual will help you select various interior design products. Common items include window treatments, rugs, furnishings, and shutters. Some design consultants may also order products and schedule the installation. In addition, some consultants may offer samples to clients so that they can select items that suit their personal style. Before the design consultation is over, the consultant will measure the space and will provide a price estimate.

The process of designing a space alone can be time-consuming and challenging. So, to make this task easier, consider hiring a professional design consultant from Universal Carpet and Flooring. Call today to set up an appointment at (866) 402-2747.